How do solar programs work?


Bills passed for solar programs to be introduced

  1. 1

    S.2191 - Green Banking Act

    Senate - Banking, Housing, & Urban Affairs

    This bill amends the Federal Housing Enterprises Financial Safety & Soundness Act to require both the Federal National Mortgage Association & the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to develop underwriting guidelines for financing residential solar energy systems to facilitate the secondary market for mortgages on housing with such systems for low- & moderate-income households. Reference

  2. 2

    H.R.2447 - Low-Income Solar Act

    House - Energy & Commerce

    This bill requires the Department of Energy to establish a loan & grant program for photovoltaic solar (solar panel) installations in low-income & underserved areas for FY2018-FY2032. Reference

  3. 3

    H.R.2217 - Solar EDGE Act

    House - Ways & Means

    This bill amends the Internal Revenue Code to increase for 2 years tax credits that apply to solar property with a nameplate capacity of less than 20 kilowatts. The increases apply to the investment tax credit & the tax credit for residential energy efficient property expenditures. Reference

  4. 4

    S.1670 - Community Solar Consumer Choice Act

    Senate - Energy & Natural Resources

    This bill requires the Department of Energy (DOE) to establish a program to expand community solar options to individuals, particularly individuals that do not have regular access to onsite solar, including low- & moderate-income individuals. Reference

Solar Program Options

Explore a full purchase

Purchasing a solar system is a cost-effective & rewarding option, whether you have the ability to pay in full upfront or through a personal or home equity line of credit.

  • No monthly solar payments.
  • If eligible, you can take advantage of generous federal & state tax incentives.
  • 24/7 monitoring & 20-year system warranty.

Finance with a solar loan

Solar loans allow homeowners to own the solar system, & pay for it over time. We help you find the right lender & a competitive rate through our network of partners.

  • Like other loans, you make a monthly payment until the balance is paid off.
  • If eligible, you can still take advantage of federal & state tax incentives.
  • Depending on your loan terms & energy usage, your loan payment plus remaining electric bill could be less than your previous electric bill.
  • 24/7 monitoring & 20-year system warranty.

Lease your system with little money down

Many homeowners prefer to lease the solar equipment. Our partners can connect you with a lease provider who owns, installs, & maintains the system for you.

  • You pay a minimal upfront cost & a monthly amount to the lease provider.
  • For many homeowners, the total of your lease payment plus remaining power bill could be less in total than your previous electric bill, depending on your energy usage.
  • System performance is guaranteed for 20 years. If your system produces less than the estimate, provider will pay the difference. 

Pay as you go solar PPA

A solar Power Purchase Agreement (or PPA) is a contract to buy solar power based on a set rate for the electricity the solar system produces. Similar to a lease, with a Power Purchase Agreement, a finance partner owns, installs, & maintains the solar panels on your roof. Unlike a lease, you pay for the solar power you produce.

  • You pay for the electricity you produce at a set rate.
  • You can protect yourself from the volatility of future utility rate changes.
  • Tax rebates will be automatically passed & savings will be baked into your rate.